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Aksorn Charoen Tat Group is one of the largest education companies in Thailand with a variety of educational products serving the growing needs of schools, teachers, and students across the country. From its founding in 1935 with a single small printing machine, the Company has expanded to include 9 leading brands in school education covering school textbooks, library books, general education books, e-learning solutions, education toys, school furniture, science lab supplies, teachers training, and a child development center. Many more innovative teaching aids are currently being developed. As we are poised to celebrate our 75th anniversary, our business model continues to evolve. From our early roots printing books for Buddhist monks, we are now offering complete teaching solutions for schools based on our long experience and knowledge of Thailands evolving education environment. Going forward, our plans are to continue developing our already substantial operations in all business segments in Thailands education market. We are complimenting this with a variety of innovative teaching products and services for schools, teachers, and students. We operate around the following Core Values: * Education Improvement * People Development * Innovative

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